About me

I go by many names but the real one is Roxanne, I’ve heard the song around 4380 times but I love it so that’s okay. I’m an Operations Manager most of the time but my real job is being ginger. My head is filled with people and places that I meet through my pen (or the keys of my laptop), each of which is weird and wonderful and to be honest if I don’t get them out my brain starts to implode.

I love to write and I’m in the process of editing the first novel that I hope to publish. A lot of my work is influenced by folklore, fairytale, myth and legend. Of course I love to read too to fuel the fire behind the mysterious worlds I create and the fantastical beings that live there.

I decided to begin blogging as a way to not only keep my head in writers mode when I’m led astray by various social media platforms and my cat. I post updates about those absurd places in my mind along with some day to day Roxanne Rants and tales of my somewhat ridiculous clumsiness, enjoy!

Photo by Daniel John Cotton Wall

Photo by Daniel John Cotton Wall