May/June Reads

This was supposed to be May and then June separate but I went too far into the start of the month and was interviewing (FOR MY NEW JOB!) and stuff, then didn’t post soooo, here’s May and June!

  • #11
  • Book: The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Quick Facts: Coming of age, wizardry, cult, *racial slurs throughout*
    • Thoughts: So firstly, so different from the first of the Earthsea tales (Wizard of Earthsea), the story focuses on young Tenar as she is taken from her family and held in the desert as the protector and priestess of the home of the Nameless Ones. She uncovers the hidden secrets of the Labyrinth beneath the tombs where she comes across our dear wizard Ged, hunting for the ring of Erreth-Akbe. I loved this story, and how different Tenar’s voice was to Ged’s in book one, but I did see some of his younger self in her. It was much slower than Wizard of Earthsea which is reflective of Tenar’s feelings towards her monotonous life. I admired Tenar’s fearlessness, led by her confidence to claim the Labyrinth, and even though it was ‘hers’, she made sure to explore it, know it, and really own it.
    • I must note! There are racial slurs throughout this from supporting characters, from the description of the ‘black and vile’ wizards to the ‘potato’ comments about Manan. BUT, karma gets them… or so I think, I’m sure we find out in book 4 when Tenar returns.

  • #12
  • Book: The Farthest Shore by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Quick Facts: Coming of age, DRAGONS, wizardry
  • Thoughts: So here we meet Arren, if you’ve seen the Ghibli adaptation you’ll know him already! Our lovely Geb returns again to find the source of the ‘dying out’ magic in the world. I really really loved this one. Arren’s complete adoration and dedication for Geb is beautiful, I’m not sure if Guin has ever confirmed or not but I definitely felt a romantic love from him to Ged (the word romantic is actually used to describe his feelings for him) but without it being clear I’d not promote it as a ‘diverse’ read because of that. Ged has become old and quiet but still proves himself to be a badass. We meet more dragons in this story and learn a little more about the world of Earthsea. Reading this I can see so many influences that Paolini must have had from it, particularly with spells and the dragons.

  • #13
  • Book: Kuruz One By One by Sonesh Joshi
  • Quick Facts: Super heroes, alien planet, lots of action, culturally diverse characters
  • Thoughts: Sonesh is a good friend of mine but he obviously wanted to break my heart with this one! This is the 2nd comic of the series (with a prequel to book 1) and Joshi really amps up the action in this continuation. We see our Earth heroes and villains using their powers a little more, and see the Kuruzians forming deeper bonds with them. I love how there’s a constant battle between good and bad between the Earth ‘supers’ while they figure out their part to play in the war on the evil Slaithor. My only gripe is the lack of diversity regarding sexuality but there’s always Vol 3 Sonesh *nudges aggressively* 😉

  • #14
  • Book: Tehanu by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Quick Facts: Coming of age, DRAGONS, wizardry
  • Thoughts: Compared to the first three this book was pretty underwhelming for me, I found myself skimming some parts just to skip past what seemed like pointless words. I bought the books in the first place because of Ghibli’s adaptation so I kinda saw the Therru twist coming, but, MAN, did Le Quin take her time to get there. I was hoping Tenar might DO a little more also but she was just kind of the mediator throughout the whole book. I’m glad she finally rekindled her relationship with Ged and that pulled on my heart strings a little, but generally quite underwhelming as a read. I won’t finish this month but I am currently reading The Other Wind in continuation to this book!

  • #15
  • Book: Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi
  • Quick Facts: MAGIC. Albino POC MC, Young female MC, POC throughout.
  • Thoughts: WOW. Honestly this was so enjoyable to read and not just for the story, Mafi’s writing is so fun and fantastical, at no point did I find myself drifting away or losing focus. The worlds she paints are so colourful and vibrant and just out of this world, from the little women in pantsuits running around the land of Still, to the two- dimensional paper land that was home to vicious paper foxes. Alice was enchanting and Mafi’s tone for her was so real and natural, she’s such a brave girl with a huge heart and an eye for adventure. Oliver was great as a supporting MC, I loved how their friendship built through lies and deception rather than smooth sailing and candy floss and rainbows. Alice in Wonderland meets The Beatles – Yellow Submarine meets the Dr Seuss Universe.
  • My favourite quote “Red was ruby, green was fluorescent, yellow was simply incandescent. Color was life. Color was everything.” -Tahereh Mafi

  • #16
  • Book: Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs
  • Quick Facts: Most peculiar people/animals, folklore, magic
  • Thoughts: Everything I hoped it would be, my only gripe is that there weren’t more stories. So nostalgic, I love the writing style and I love Millard Nullings voice. The tales within the original trilogy was always interesting to me and before Tales was released I longed to hear some of the tales in full. Also the hardback cover is so beautiful, definitely worth adding to the book shelf!

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