Another New Beginning

It is no secret that I have been really unhappy with my job over the past year. I took the role hoping for movement into a new role within the year. I worked really hard and I am disappointed that I didn’t get to where I wanted to be but I needed to move forward for my own progression (/sanity).


After years of doing jobs that feel comfortable, and safe, and easy, taking jobs because of pressure from managers, or because it felt like ‘the right move’, I decided to take a leap, listen to myself and try and move into an area I really wanted to get in to, and with the help of some amazing connections I managed to bag myself a new job with better pay, better (and clearer) progression and much more stability.

I had my last day at my hotel today and I literally felt a weight lift off from my shoulders the second I walked out of that door.

I’ve just been thinking how nervous I feel, and how scary and hard starting my new job will be, so I wanted to reflect on all of the positives and if you’re feeling stuck, in a dead end position, or just not where you want to be, repeat after me:

  • I am just as good as I believe
  • I can go for jobs that I feel may be out of reach
  • I will reach out of my comfort zone
  • I will go for what I really want
  • I will succeed
  • I believe in ME
  • I can do whatever I put my mind to
  • I learn from every experience
  • I will continue to learn
  • I will be happy

What do you need to tell yourself today for a better you tomorrow?

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