Breathe, compose, relax, repeat.

So in the constant cycle that is the life of an anxious mind, cue existential crisis.

I have just returned to work after a holiday, which never seems to get easier, and my brain is scrambled. I’m fussing over work problems at home, I am dreading getting in my car to drive to my workplace and I am worrying about what I’m doing with my life/career.

So another Dear Roxanne, from me, to me:

  • Take yourself away from work when you’re not at work. The place won’t burn down without you, your managers problems can wait- YOUR JOB IS NOT YOUR LIFE. YOUR JOB DOES NOT DEFINE YOU. YOUR LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR JOB.
  • Focus on what i enjoy, no really, plan that trip you want to go on without worrying about who will cover you while you are away. Read the book you’re trying to read, use the time you have to do it, finish editing your novel, get down the gym. Do the things.
  • That thing you keep wanting to do and try? Do it Roxanne, do it. Book those Archery classes.
  • Make that thing you joked about making into a business into an actual business, or at least begin doing it. It’s a great idea and you won’t know until you try, so go and try.
  • Pamper yourself. Chuck on a face mask when you get home tonight and enjoy it. Don’t worry about getting to sleep early because you have work tomorrow, enjoy the now, worry later.
  • Go on a walk a.k.a Pokehunt when you’re off on Sunday, catch them ‘mons.
  • Take a random day and plan a random adventure, take a drive, take a picnic, take a damned break.

Feel similarly right now? Take a breather and grab a pen and write down your wants and your needs and GO GET THEM. You’ve got this okay?


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