Introversion 101: Self Awareness

Whether you’re introverted or extroverted there are some great traits that come with your ‘version’ but of course there are always those niggles that can let us down. Most of the time we do not even realise what we’re doing so I thought it could be helpful to share a few of few of the things that I have come notice in myself that are a reflection of my introversion and share a little about how to combat them.

Problem: You can come across as hesitant. Why?:  You prefer to gather lots of information and form a conclusion based on lots of factors including the feelings of others, to others though this can look like you’re uninterested or not ‘on-the-ball’ and time may be of the essence.

Solution:  Firstly vocalise your initial thought or idea so that the person engaging with you knows you’re on the case and then take your usual time to finalise your answer.

Problem: You’re seen as unsure. Why?: Your brain come sometimes be overloaded with the information you’re taking in and instead of settling on a single response you can come across as ill-informed.

Solution: Consider the most important part of the question you’ve been asked or the task you’ve been assigned and focus your energy on answering that first and foremost, alternative suggestion can always follow.

Problem: You can be seen as pliant.Why?: Because you are thought of as friendly and caring people can assume that you will be easily manipulated.

Solution: Stick to your guns. You spend lots of time observing and often come to good decisions. Ensure that you clearly assert where you stand and don’t forget to explain the how and why.

Problem: People think you’re uninterested.Why?: You spend a lot of time taking in your surroundings and sometimes get distracted from what’s in front of you.

Solution: Make sure to repeat or paraphrase what the other person is saying so that you can remain focused whilst assuring them that you are genuinely interested in their conversation.

Problem: You’re too laid back.Why?: Sometimes you’ve exhausted your social quota and venturing out is too much. People might think you’re being lazy for declining their offer to socialise.

Solution: If you think you can, just show your face, it’s is more than enough and you might fall into the swing of things once you’re there- remember the last gathering that was really enjoyable for you and be positive that this will be the same. If you can’t convince yourself don’t make excuses (something I’m working on!) just be honest with your friends and make sure to follow up with a new arrangement.

It’s hard to be aware of some of the problems above but if you notice yourself in any of them have a go at the solutions, hopefully you will see your relationships progressing in a more positive way.

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