Introversion 101: Don’t Forget Why You’re Great.

Being introverted can often be seen as a negative personality trait. People assume you’re shy, lack drive, or you’re uninteresting- which we know is not true! If you’re ever challenged over where you sit on the spectrum, in an interview for example, here are some reasons why your introversion is great.

  • You’re often very patient which allows you to carefully think through situations.
  • You’re perceptive. You often remember small details and you’re able to assess human emotion.
  • You’re considered supportive and dependable.
  • You’re respectful of others feelings.
  • You make decisions based on a range of data, from feelings to past experiences, and you consider various outcomes. This allows you to come to a firm conclusion or solution.
  • You generally speak more informally, which allows you to speak with a variety of people.
  • You’re persuasive- your intuition and consideration allows you to create strong, yet agreeable challenges to people.


Identify with the list above? Introversion can be vital for crisis management, working relationships and day to day interactions so embrace the great things about your personality!

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