Dear Future Roxanne, Get Up.

Last year I plucked up the courage to get back into a fighting sport thanks to my now close friends and MMA instructors Ashley and Richard. I’ve just returned home from my first session back after about two months off and I wanted to jot down my feelings as a motivator for future me. It’s not that I didn’t want to go previously but my anxious brain succeeded in convincing me not to.

I want to remember how I feel so that future me has the motivation to get up, get dressed, get out into the cold, and take the 30 minute drive to class, and even after a long day at work, I must remember how I feel right now and how it changes me.

  • I feel energetic – I turned my radio up and I sang the entire way home- loudly.
  • I feel euphoric – I laughed when I found myself dancing to Placebo – Pure Morning and again when I kept singing the wrong verse.
  • I feel strong – My legs felt like jelly when I got out the car and it felt GREAT. My arms are burning. I sit in bed and I can feel the blood pumping to my toes.
  • I feel powerful- My knuckles are red, I know that I’ve punched hard.
  • I feel accomplished – My toes ache from turning into my punches, I know I’ve tried hard to get my technique right.
  • I feel fulfilled – I socialised with great people, we laughed as hard as we fought through our cardio.
  • I feel confident – Ashley always says ‘your work out only affects you, only you can make it happen’ and I feel that I can.
  • I feel motivated – To go back next week and get better and better.

Creating a healthier body and mind was something I’ve agreed to do for myself (One of my Important, Not Urgent goals!) and this class does both at once. For the hour and a half that I’m there I think of nothing more than my technique, my partners technique, the strength of my punches/kicks and remembering to breathe. All of my worries disappear, the niggling issues and the bigger problems get pushed aside with a firm hand and even on the way home I’m on too much of a high for them to wriggle their way back in.

So Dear Future Roxanne, please read the above, remember how you feel and get in your damn car and go and do it again please!

Links below for more info on both Ashley’s and Richard’s classes.

SJMMA Facebook / SJMMA Website


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