Keeping a Limitless Mind

‘Imagine if money was no object’, ‘What if you won the lottery?’ ‘What if you had all the time in the world?’- ‘What would you do?’. You would have come across these questions, usually in ice breakers or informal conversation with friends. The responses are sometimes extreme but they’re always limitless, inspiring, heartfelt, and innovative.

On our leadership course today we touched on the subject of ‘Encouraging Innovation’ and we partook in a task where we discussed an idea that we would implement in the business if there were no limitations. Just removing that barrier allowed us to be really innovative, we didn’t once question the technology, the expense, the difficulty, or the implementation of the idea.

It made me wonder how many ideas I store away or even disallow myself to uncover because I instinctively throw up the ‘what if’ barrier. I thought about my team and how they might do the same with the added barrier that they may think I might not agree. We close the door before we even allow ourselves to open it and take a look inside. And by doing so we quash our creativity and we limit our innovation. We could be missing out on ideas that could change our businesses, our lives, the world even.

So what if your idea requires time and money that might not be at your fingertips? It’s a momentary thought, a ‘stab in the dark’ and it can be developed. What if you stepped back and thought about what you could do without limitations and then hone it in, reevaluate, substantiate. Instead of beginning with the ‘how’ start with the ‘why’.

So let’s open our minds. Ask yourself those questions in every situation. Imagine what you could be achieving if you stopped limiting your innovation. You could be harbouring a fantastic business idea that would change your life or someone else’s. Challenge that inner defence of ‘but’ and ‘what if’ and allow the nature of your curiosity to bloom. Encourage your own innovation, you might surprise yourself.

What would you do if there were no limitations?


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