Important, not urgent

Every day we become swept away in work, deadlines, targets, and forget what’s important. We put the important things aside because we do not deem them as ‘urgent’, our parents are at home you can see them any time right? You’ll spend time with your partner on the weekend. Your kids aren’t going anywhere. You’ll find some self reflection time next week. Your self development will just happen. You think they will always be there and that the time will come, but tomorrow never comes.

I’m away on a leadership course with work and Steven Covey’s prioritisation matrix has been brought into discussion. It’s a matrix of four boxes:

Important / Urgent – Crisis management, deadlines, complaints.

Not important / Urgent – Tasks others deem important, low priority day-t0-day tasks

Not important / Not Urgent – Procrastination, ‘filler’ phone calls and conversation.

And the one we forget:

Important / Not Urgent

Each time this matrix is used, the discussion always turns to our selves, our time with family, holidays, and self development, they’re things we need to be happy, things we need to progress but we unintentionally push them aside because our day is filled with a mess of other less important tasks.

So again, I was brought to think about what sits in that box for me:

  • Finding ‘my calling’ within my career (Stop ‘settling’)
  • Focusing on my areas of development, whether it be work related or personal
  • Spending quality time with my family and closest friends
  • Creating  a healthier body AND mind.


What sits in your Important / Not Urgent box? Tomorrow never comes, bring the day to you.


Header image taken by Ashley Charlotte Photography


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