Novel update!

For those of you that have followed me since starting my blog you will know that I am in the process of writing my first publishable (I hope) fantasy novel. If you’re new then FYI I am in the process for writing my first publishable novel! I wanted to share how the story came about and a little bit about the world and its inhabitants and where I am with the story.

I’m now in the editing process, which is slightly more demanding than I expected but I am finding it surprisingly enjoyable. I was surprised how nice is is to to re-read and still be entertained by the story that I’ve written. I finished writing the first draft just before December after about 7 months of writing, I finished on about 100500 words, which was over my target but I know that I will most probably remove and change a large portion of that.

I’m glad I had the time off between finishing the writing work and beginning to edit although during this time I did start to self doubt and worry about certain characters and if I should change the story entirely. But now I’m back in the world and exploring it again I feel much more confident with my plot and the general writing. I’ve been able to read a lot more than usual over December, even though I had no time off work, and I think that helped in going back to the editing side as I have so many different story components in my head; character development, structure and the likes.

I have already changed quite a lot, particularly in the first few chapters which I have gone through countless times in the past as I can see that the Main Characters voice has changed significantly, mainly due to myself becoming more relaxed as I followed her journey but that’s all a part of the learning process and I’m really enjoying bringing it all together.

SO! I shan’t give too much away but here’s a little run down of what the novel is all about and how I came to write it.

The tattoo you see in the header image is mine! It was designed, drawn and inked by my incredible tattoo artist John Gage (details below). As a child I was always called Foxy Roxy and a lot of friends now just call me by Fox. The fox is a creature I adore and having been interested in East Asian folklore since I was a child, the Kitsune has become a huge point of interest for me. The fox on my back is a kitsune fox in her animal form and her name is Kuramari. Her name came from the nine tailed kyuubi Kurama from Naruto. And this kitsune became the inspiration behind my novel and in turn became the main character of it.

The story is set in an old world with creatures of all kinds, I’ve used inspiration from Japanese, Chinese, Greek and various European folklore and they all reside in this world. Kuramari is a lesbian girl with a strong affiliation with two of the various natural auras that one can possess. Throughout her journey Kuramari struggles with anxiety and depression and battles not only with villainous opponents but also with herself. This novel ends with a new journey about to begin and I have plotted for both a duology or trilogy which I suppose will depend on 1)How the first one is received and 2) If I manage to find a publisher, what they would prefer.

I don’t want to give too much away but I’ll be updating once the editing process is complete and hopefully you’ll join me as I venture into the publishing world.

Comment below if you read/write fantasy and share your favourites!


Photography by Sonesh Joshi Photography @SonSon484

Tattoo by Johnny Gage @johnny12gage


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