My Pursuit of Happiness

I feel, like many people, that I often forget about the most fundamentally important thing in life: To be happy. I know the things I love to do, the people I love to see, the places I like to go, most of these are free and yet I forget them. That’s not to say that I do not think of them because I certainly do- but in a passing thought, a thought that is dismissed by a barrage of ‘oh, buts’.

We live in a crazy world, we’re brought up pushed towards earnings, careers, targets, KPIs, competition, as I was. But is that what is important? It’s something I’ve only realised recently, which is ridiculous, but I don’t believe it is.

The photo above was taken in Gweedore, Northern Ireland, I was cold – I hate the cold, I was wet – I hate the rain and I felt unwell. But I smiled. I smiled because the views were beautiful, I smiled because I was wrapped up in so many layers I felt like a marshmallow. I smiled because my partner made me laugh. I smiled at a swallow that flew by. I love to be outdoors and it is such a simple action to leave the house and be outdoors and yet I don’t.

I’ve added a few things to my Bupa Boost app to help me challenge myself to be more productive towards doing the things that make me happy and I’ve written a list below of what made me happy today to remind me that amongst my anxiety filled brain and pessimism, my day was quite nice. (I think I’ll start doing this daily).

  • Mew (my cat) looked really cute when she woke up today
  • Zac (my other cat) and Mew playing with their Christmas toys
  • Laughing at my siblings bickering at our family meeting
  • Pad work in the gym
  • Feeling the burn in the gym
  • Seeing my black cat come in from her first time in the snow
  • Speaking with my best friend
  • Progress with editing my novel (more on that in my previous post here)

What made you happy today?


Photo by Daniel John Cotton Wall – @CottonWallTog



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