The First Step

After years of telling myself that I should start a blog here we are. I suppose I should begin with a little bit about me and how I found myself writing what I hope will be some amazing stories.

The force that pushed me to finally start a blog was the process of writing my first (publishable -I hope) novel. My head had always been in another world and with the world being as unstable and somewhat unwelcoming as it is right now, I thought there surely couldn’t be a better time to use my creativity and share some of it.

I was an only child until I was around 7. The garden was my best friend and I would not let a day pass without finding adventure in it, whether it was through building a fort, chanting until I (believed that I) made it rain or endless hours playing in our ‘dump’ with my imaginary friend- of whom there were many.

I studied English at university and to be honest it sapped away my love of reading and writing to the point that when I graduated I neglected my brain for a long time. I forgot the joys of losing myself in the pages of a book and I ignored my dreams that took me to unknown worlds and unmet people.

It was not until I met a very special human being (whom I will no doubt speak about plenty) that made me feel suddenly inspired to write again. Reading followed shortly after and a few years later I began to write the piece I am currently working on. It has been about three months now and I’m nearing the end of my 100,000 word goal, there will be a mountain of editing and re-discovery and as I have found time and time again, I accept that my characters will redirect my initial plot several times more. But I have not felt happier than the endless hours that I have lost myself in this world of mine and I hope that others will find happiness in it too.

I have been putting off adding my first post as it was quite daunting and I know it may seem awkward and messy but if there’s anything I’ve learned in my life, is that the first step can never be a bad one. It can be a step towards a dead end or a loss but it is always a step towards something and I think that’s better than nothing. So here it goes- Enjoy!

Photo by Daniel John Cotton Wall / Twitter @CottonWallTog


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